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Quantification of the total volume of rainfall recharge is essential for water resources management, development and protection, but it is challenging.

The Office of the Registrar conducts open labs each quarter in collaboration with Stanford Libraries DLSS service management staff, explaining the electronic process to students as a support option in addition to the documentation available online.

The streamlined submission process saves time for the Registrar and students alike, and reduces environmental impact by eliminating the need to print multiple paper copies for binding, or even more copies when last-minute corrections are required.

Three case studies examine three distinct artistic approaches: the specific focus of each experimental turntablist varies from playing techniques, to sculptural objects, to mechanical operations.

Joke Lanz’s direct and embodied playing negotiates a sound production between signal and noise, musicalises samples, and leads to spontaneous acts with site-specific aspects.

One of the main country’s grand challenges is to implement an aquifer storage and recovery scheme, which requires understanding of the flow regime and quantification of the natural rainfall recharge.

This study uses a water balance model coupled with Monte Carlo Simulation to quantify rainfall recharge.These mechanical movements embody rhythmic loop structures with temporal inconsistencies, creating a mechanical techno.Having been considered redundant following the introduction of digital media, the vinyl record has recently witnessed a revival.Stanford University established an online thesis and dissertation submission service in Fall 2009.The service is a partnership of the University Registrar and Stanford Libraries.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.As a post-digital tendency, contemporary musicians using live electronics seek to recover tactile and physical actions in performance.This thesis shows the ways in which the turntable allows artists to develop personal instruments from ready-made products and to emphasise specific sensual-bodily aspects.His current research mostly addresses consequences of technological change for industries.The frameworks he uses are new institutionalism and the social construction of technology.


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