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And with each retelling, they become more fluent in the underlying ideas.

But the lasting impact of the course comes mainly from the papers.

When students come back to visit during class reunions, the equations and graphs long since forgotten, we almost always end up talking about the questions they have posed and answered during the intervening years. Dulski argued that because most brides wish to make a fashion statement on their wedding day, a rental company would have to carry a huge stock of distinctive gowns -- perhaps 40 or 50 in each size.

The initiative was inspired by the discovery that there is no better way to master an idea than to write about it.

Although the human brain is remarkably flexible, learning theorists now recognize that it is far better able to absorb information in some forms than others.

Daniel Boorstin, the former librarian of Congress, used to rise at 5 each morning and write for two hours before going into the office. "After all, the bars aren't open that early." Mr.

Boorstin's morning sessions were even more valuable than he realized.In contrast, because grooms are willing to settle for a standard style, a rental company can serve this market with an inventory of only two or three tuxedos in each size.Each suit can thus be rented several times a year, enabling a rental fee that is only a fraction of its purchase price.This volume consists of 17 of Ludwig Lachmann’s most important papers published during the period 1940-73. He is a scholar whose wisdom matches his years, but whose energy and sense of intellectual excitement is that of a far younger man. Hayek, whose works have influenced both Professor Lachmann and myself. Ambacher, who helped to translate into English the two originally German articles included in this collection, and for Walter Block, who helped during the early stages of preparation of this volume.Two of the articles appear here in translation for the first time. He is a veritable fountain of knowledge, a never-ending stream of economic insight, which is always offered in his unique and curiously wonderful style. Professors Kirzner and Rothbard especially lent their support and encouragement throughout the project. A special thanks goes to the hard-working general editor of this series of Austrian works, Laurence S. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank my patient wife, Mary Jane Grinder, for her help in typing the manuscript."Many excellent papers are significantly shorter than that.Please do not lard your essay with complex terminology.But by the time the second paper comes due, the more common difficulty is choosing which of several interesting questions to pursue.The paper is not a complete substitute for the traditional syllabus.Thus, according to the psychologist Jerome Bruner, children "turn things into stories, and when they try to make sense of their life they use the storied version of their experience as the basis for further reflection." He went on, "If they don't catch something in a narrative structure, it doesn't get remembered very well, and it doesn't seem to be accessible for further kinds of mulling over." Even well into adulthood, we find it easier to process information in narrative form than in more abstract forms like equations and graphs.Most effective of all are narratives that we construct ourselves.


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