Electrical Contractor Business Plan

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This information will help you in producing a marketing plan with a strategy to take advantage of the opportunity of success and profits.After the SWOT analysis, the next step is picking a target market.As an electrical contractor you can do just that, so with the economy finally on the rise the time to start is now!

There are several approaches for getting the message out to the market: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, Web sites, direct mailing and telemarketing.Marketing is typically the art of creating, promoting and delivering goods and services to the customer.This activity stimulates the demand for an organization’s services and products.You could work as an employee and gain valuable insight into how other companies operate, or you could work as self-employed.Becoming self-employed will lay the foundations for your business and is the next step towards having your own business as an electrician.Customers buy on benefits, not on technical features and advantages superior to competitive products and services.Understanding the customer, your organization, and developing a strong marketing plan will, in the short and long term, give you a fighting chance to meet the demands and challenges of the future in an ever-changing electrical market. Customers are placing a higher priority on time than money, and it seems that nearly all projects are now “fast track.” Managing money is easier than managing time, and every electrical contracting company struggles with waste, inaccurate records, or even time theft. The cost and return on investment are major factors.The more markets that are reached, the higher the cost will be.Most mass media take a shotgun approach, which means that if your marketing strategy is to develop name recognition or imaging to a large community, then TV, radio, newspapers and magazines become the approach of choice.If you are targeting a particular market segment, then specific trade magazines, section of newspapers, Yellow Pages, Web sites, direct mailing and telemarketing may be your approach.


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