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These anomalies included anatomical variations as well as aneurysms.

Variations in coronary anatomy are often seen in association with structural forms of congenital heart disease like Fallot's tetralogy, transposition of the great vessels, Prior knowledge of such variants and anomalies is necessary for planning various interventional procedures.

CT coronary angiography has helped radiologists understand the variations and anomalies of the anatomy of the coronary arteries and, thus, to alert the cardiologist whenever such an anomaly is present.

This can be of immense help to the clinician planning interventional procedures such as stenting, balloon dilatation, or graft surgery, particularly when there are secondary changes of calcification, plaque formation and stenosis.

Often, a diagnosis of an anomaly is made when angiography fails to show the normal anatomy.

On CTCA, 14 (16.5%) coronary anomalies were detected among the 85 patients who did not have significant coronary artery disease in their study, while 86 coronary anomalies (18.8%) were detected among the 458 patients with significant coronary artery disease.In Canada, families have the primary reponsibility to care for, nurture and guide their children throughout the various stages of ...Chivalry is usually known as a moral system or an honor code.South Asian immigrants to the United States, like me, develop earlier and more malignant heart disease and have higher death rates than any other major ethnic group in this country. Traditional cardiac risk models, developed by studying mostly white Americans, don’t fully apply to ethnic communities.This is a knowledge gap that must be filled in the coming years.Indian J Radiol Imaging [serial online] 2009 [cited 2019 Sep 6];-53. 2009/19/1/49/45345 of coronary artery variants and anomalies culled from a database of more than 15000 CT coronary angiographies (CTCA) carried out on a 16-slice Siemens scanner (Somatom 16, Erlangen, Germany) from November 2004 till March 2008 at our institute.Except for a few patients with a prior history of angina, established myocardial infarction, or intervention in the form of coronary stenting or bypass surgery, all the rest underwent the investigation as part of a health check-up package that offered CTCA as an additional investigation.The latter predispose a person to early vascular compromise, ischemia, and fatal infarction. Cademartiri F, La Grutta L, Malagò R, Alberghina F, Meijboom WB, Pugliese F, et al .Prevalence of anatomical variants and coronary anomalies in 543 consecutive patients studied with 64-slice CT coronary angiography. The Framingham Heart Study is a big reason we have achieved a relatively mature understanding of heart disease in the United States — at least for a large segment of our population.It established the traditional risk factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cigarette smoking, for coronary heart disease. Thomas Wang and colleagues wrote in the journal Lancet last year, “Prevention and treatment were so poorly understood that most Americans accepted early death from heart disease as unavoidable.”One victim of this ignorance was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


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