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Most of this influence can be found in how men and women are portrayed in the media (Ohle, 2006).It is known, however, that during the gestation period, the brain of a fetus starts to produce testosterone on developing nerve cells which then become either male or female in the absence of hormones (Swaab & Garcia-Falgueras, 2009).

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Gender means to me the collected notions of being that is ascribed to our physical sex identity.

For me, gender is closely related to the physical gender of the individual.

The fetus will become a male if testosterone is produced and female if it is not.

Every fetus begins life as a female because of the X chromosome coming from the mother; this is the only chromosome active for the first few weeks of gestation.

These different hormones work in the brain to create the male sex organs and genitalia (Wickens, 2005).

In some situations during gestation a fetus’s brain produces male hormones but the fetus still becomes a female. The greater influence Gender identity can take place as early as during gestation; an ultrasound can allow the gender of a fetus to be determined.In fact, the identity that comes from being a specific gender is one that serves to provide meaning for the individual in everyday life.Being a man means that I exist in a position of privilege and preference simply because of my gender identity and my collusion with that identity.Being a woman to me means being a caring, empathetic person that puts the value of emotions above anything else.Womanhood stresses the importance of feelings and emotions, sometimes ignoring logic in the favor of being true to the feelings.I see this playing out in his life as he becomes more and more now the one among his siblings to take care of his aging mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease.What is gender identity Gender identity is a person’s concept of him or herself whether male or female, this can be either the same as their biological gender or it could be different (Schwartz, 2008).This is not saying that woman should not be competitive, driven and independent, but that is not all they should be.There has to be another level that exists in a woman, otherwise I get confused about their gender identity.Specifically, being a man means to me that I do not need to be afraid of walking alone at night, I should be able to open jars on my own, and that I do not need to rely on others for help in most situations.I compete with other males in our society to assert my male-ness by being self Being a man means that I have responsibility to consider how my actions affect others, and realize that I exist in a position of privilege that comes with a level of responsibility of being aware of my reactions, thoughts and actions concerning gender identity.


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