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This has always threatened the security of many people, cased loss of lives and destruction of property among other costly effects.As a result, everybody around the globe including renowned leaders like the U.

This has always threatened the security of many people, cased loss of lives and destruction of property among other costly effects.

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S President is worried of the current insecurity cases in the world.

Although a lot of effort has been incorporated in the war against insecurity, recent findings reveal that cases of violence are still high.

This cannot be avoided, it is the only perspective you have.

Always pay attention to your own thoughts and opinions on any subject matter you may attempt, before you begin writing.

If it is found that the existence of guns in the hands of unauthorized personnel to be the problem, what is the safest, most efficient way of dealing with this?

Should we be attacking the guns or the situation that lead to them being a problem?

Many analysts argue that the war against crime in a collective responsibility which has to involve everybody regardless of gender, race or age.

Among many incidences which are reported on a daily basis, gun violence has turned out to occur more frequent than any other form of criminal activity.

Why do humans create these weapons that only serve to destroy human life rather than preserve it?

Okay, so they may have had a purpose to protect farm animals and hunting for a living, however, as technology advances, why must we continue extend resources to the creation of such devices?


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