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Essay About School Activities-13
Extra-curricular activities are vital towards positive academic performance.According to Stephens and Schaben (2002), “a study by the United States Department of Education revealed that students who participate in co-curricular activities are three times more likely to have a grade point average of 3.0 or better” (Stephens & Schaben, 2002, para.

A student who would ordinarily choose football or baseball might think about exposing themselves to archery or bird watching.

Choosing something outside a student’s comfort zone widens horizons and expands knowledge.

In the actual working of the various academic activities like debates discussions, dramas, school magazines and social activities like the running of co-operative store, scouting, labour service weeks, relief work, the teachers and the students will feel that these two types of activities are not divided into watertight compartments. If there are no playgrounds, yet there arc school courtyards and school rooms where some form of recreation can be introduced, i.e., group dancing, play acting, paper cutting, clay modeling, group singing, carpentering, spinning, weaving etc.

All these activities help in the development of emotional control.

Being open to new avenues by joining the newspaper staff, the computer club or the decorative painter’s club will expose students to new people and new ideas.

A student may find that he/she flows towards art and literature, while others may like more physically active activities like carpentry, welding, and few may flow towards science and technology.

Rather, a complete learning process involves personal development and healthy participation.

This analytical treatise attempts to examine the significance of student development and extra-curricular activities on a student’s academic achievements.

Outdoor activities like camping, gardening, social service rendering are very useful in building up some of the basic requirement of the adolescents-the spirit of service, observation, courage, initiative and determination.

Participation of the students in the management of some activities like maintenance of discipline, boys’ funds, magazines, etc.


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