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According to the play , in a society dominated by male chauvinism, women take advantage of their lack of recognition to destroy the power of law coupled with influencing and effecting justice. Wright of her abusive marriage, rather than paying attention to the violent and abusive moments she faces in the marriage.Within the play, power of women is illustrated indirectly; for instance, Glaspell uses bonding to show that women have a higher level of power than they know. Instead of letting their emotions and sympathy dictate their course of action, they become proactive and come up with ways of freeing their friend for once and for all.The technique she uses is the impact of being invisible.

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Women were treated with lesser dignity as compared to men and to the society; they were of little or no importance, as they presumably contributed very little to important issues within the society.

In her play, , Glaspell uses two parts of the play, one distinctive narrative on men and the other on women, in order to trigger the reader into evaluating the value of both genders to the society.

Glaspell simply embraced the opportunity presented by the writing space to propagate feminism because she could reach a wider audience via writing. Wright’s intentions to kill her husband depict women oppression by men in society.

The play takes place in a cold gloomy house representing the cruelty of Mr.

However, this power comes with the assumption that women live as individuals and it is only through bonding that they can gain power, strength, and success.

Through this argument, Glaspell seeks to give women tips on how to overcome chauvinism and tame men through the power of staying together.The play presents men as uncouth creatures who never want peace in the house. Wright spends a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, which is a symbolic representation of marriages where most women of the time spent a significant portion of their lives.In addition, Glaspell incorporates five people in the play, two of whom are women, a symbolic representation of women as a minority. Glaspell did not just choose to address women plight and probably suggest ways of how to overcome men dominance at a time when feminism was being rooted in the society.You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. The use of dramatic technique is always a great tool to master when explaining important details in a work of literature.In addition, once a woman gains access to knowledge, she implements the knowledge in making significant decisions in life. Knowledge is also one of the ways that people can achieve power.Together with their bonding, women in the play use knowledge to come up with ways that see the murder case against Mrs. Women also tend to come together and form alliances since they are highly sidelined in the society.The audience also comes to a conclusion that Minnie was not alone, that there were many women who were dealing with the same problems, alone.The two women in the play realize that they also share Minnie’s destiny.Wright who is adamant in his pursuits and thus a nuisance to those who do not like his way of life.As the play begins, all characters enter the farmhouse, but women distance themselves from men, thus showing the rift that exists between the two sexes in the society.


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