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If the voices sound too fast, try using subtitles in English to help you follow the speech.

Be aware of which English you are listening to though, as in many mainstream films you will be listening to American accents which are very different from British accents.

To start with you will find a dual language dictionary more useful but as you improve your skills, a mono-lingual dictionary will be much better for your development.

This is because it will help you learn synonyms in addition to finding the meaning of your chosen word.

Cartoons are a excellent way of involving humour in your English reading and offer visual clues to the text.

Broadsheet newspaper cartoons often contain puns so are good ways of improving vocabulary and comprehension.The more diverse your subject matter, the wider the vocabulary you will develop.Try mixing with different kinds of English people, those in different jobs and with diverse interests in order to expose yourself to wider varieties of vocabulary, accents and language usage.Perhaps you can find an English person who wants to learn your native language?You could both write half a letter in English and the other half in your native language and correct each other’s messages.There are many excellent dictionaries available, including light and portable electronic dictionaries, such as those produced by language experts, Etaco.This company also makes translators for instant translation at the touch of a button.One on one practice with an experienced teacher of English language is one of the best ways that you can improve your English language skills.Even though this can be quite expensive, the personal attention you will get means that you should improve more quickly than with a larger language class and any problem areas can be more quickly identified and tackled.Here are some useful ideas, methods, tips for improving your English: It is true that the more you try to speak English the more you will naturally improve.Just by using the English language as much as possible, your fluency will rapidly develop.


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