Essay On A Doll House Ibsen

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I am sure that many clever and cunning women were able to manipulate the men in their lives, letting the man believe that they were in full control of the relationship.

Nora prays for a "miracle of miracles" hoping that Torvald will come to her rescue and be her Knight on a white horse and save her from dishonor for the illegal loan she signed for.

In A Doll’s House, Ibsen explores the realism of women’s social position.

Later on, Nora becomes the breadwinner of the house to make ends meet- a gender role reversal.

She is supposed to stay inside the house, a prisoner of the private space where women can only exist with the secondary social roles in life.

When she closes the door, she takes control of her life as a human being.

Essay On A Doll House Ibsen

Mac Pherson stresses that people reach their selfhood through their freedom, and Lee interprets this that for Nora, it entails being a “proprietor of her own capacity (624).But Kashdan underscores that she is not an actor, but a doll inside this house, where men see women as: “…dolls to be housed in toy mansions and be indulged, but only sparingly” (Kashdan 3).Nora is one of the dolls in society that must be controlled. When they marry, they treat their wives like dolls that they put into their houses.Men, as traditional breadwinners, own these houses.They are masters, while their wives are followers, most often than not, they are slaves. The house stands for her feminine domestic duties, which she dutifully follows.Torvald, however, does not appreciate his wife’s sacrifices and efforts. As Monrad points out that Monrad believes in nature: “…nature, which again is the creation of God, for ever given and unalterable” (Langas 150).Torvald does not want altered gender roles, because it threatens his power and superiority.Men were able to run the household through kind or cruel intentions.In Nora's case Torvald was a kind man, however it seemed to me that he was always belittling her with subtle, gentle verbal abuse that Nora absorbed like a sponge.The door and Tarantella dance represent Nora’s way out of her doll-like existence and an entry into her humanization.One of the ways that Nora humanizes herself is when she diverges from her doll’s roles.


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