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[tags: comparison compare contrast essays] - James Joyce, a most prestigious author of many titles, has incorporated into his works many different thoughts, life experiences, as well as themes.Those three things that he used in his works I believe are what made him the awesome author he is today.Alternatively, you could try: "In (piece of writing), (author) presents the idea that (position on topic)." You may also be asked to use supporting details from the story to back up your theme statement.

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Within one minutes, he safely reclaimed the carriage and the baby girl was safely returned to her mother without harm.

This is an example of how the young man is showing traits of heroism, the traits being courage, intelligence, and strength....

Or maybe it's about how love is fleeting and fickle.

Your theme at this point might look something like this: "The author believes that true love doesn't really exist." (A little dark, but hey, it's just an example!

Physical activity and a healthy diet play a role in reducing the development of type 2 diabetes (WHO, 2014 ).

- These are some common themes in health promotion campaigns.

When you get done with a reading assignment for school, usually an essay, novel, or short story, you'll sometimes be asked to write a theme statement.

The definition of a theme statement can vary, but essentially it's asking you to state what the piece of writing was about — not the plot, but what sort of insight or perspective does it give on life/the world/human nature? To write a theme statement, follow these 3 steps: Let's dive a little deeper: After you're finished reading the book, story, or essay (you did read it, right?! Did they undergo some kind of change throughout the journey? That's usually a pretty good place to start looking for the theme.

These songs all share a common theme; teenage self-loathing love songs.

I will be analyzing these three songs and the common themes between them.


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