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Other example of Holden’s rescuing others is the way he reacts when his little sister tells him she does not want to go to school anymore, where he insists she has to.

However, the macrosystem stays always stable as it is the cultural context in which the story is set: New York, the ideal of the moment…

this is the system in which all the other systems are embedded.

He explains that in the situation when he was getting too far with a girl and she tells them to stop, he does so.

Then, when we he encounters a prostitute, he pities her and does not desire to do anything with her, as if he was trying to save their sexual purity.

You might especially consider how Holden's life experiences, particularly the death of his brother and his feelings of alienation from society, may have contributed to his condition. The story of teenager Holden Caulfield's struggle against conformity, grief and entrance into adulthood also offers the opportunity to investigate its historical, literary and psychological elements by writing a research paper that explores these aspects of the book.

"The Catcher in the Rye" takes place amid the prosperity of the post-World War II era, when many Americans were living comfortably and enjoying the luxuries of consumerism, television and suburban homes.

Then, Holden realizes he cannot always be the one that saves them.

This is shown throughout the book but specially in the scene in the carousel, which is also when his new attitude of a grown-up is first displayed: the moment he watches Phoebe snatch at the gold rings of the Central Park carousel.

This rape may be what caused him a major trauma and that could be the reason why he is always longing for something more and nothing he does fulfills him.

The story contains Holden’s motif as he is always recuing others while failing to rescue himself.


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