Essay On Counterinsurgency

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Once an area has been secured, military personnel are deployed to prevent further occupation of insurgents.

Their operation will be director towards controlling the resources, areas and the civilian population from the access of the insurgents.

When an officer is allowed within a community as a member not as a police officer the trust if given to help.

If an officer doesn’t respect the right given to him by the people, and not act on what information is given to him, then his word is no longer his bond.

Some of the types of stability operations include the civil security and civil control (US Dept of Defense 39).

In offensive operations, a military unit is assigned an area to carry out combat operations meant to unearth insurgents hiding among the civilians.Consider appropriate messages in response to terrorist actions. ″Best Practices in Counterinsurgency″ by Sepp, from Military Review (2005). Winning the “hearts and minds” doesn’t relate to the insurgency, but counterinsurgency does just that.Counterinsurgency brings a community together by counter acting insurgency.Describe the key recommendations that could be implemented.Examine how terrorist groups establish a message and attempt to shift government policy in their favor.The main mission of counterinsurgent activities it to wipe out or substantially reduce the influence of an insurgent group within the subject community.On the other hand, the military tactics employed by these insurgent groups are contrary to the international law of wars (US Dept of Defense 69).In addition, offensive operations are directed towards the insurgents’ stronghold areas.These include the insurgent leaders’ residential places and the insurgents’ training camps.


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