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I view most of his filmography as unflinchingly nihilistic stances on humanity.Dogville, for example is a demonstration of Von Trier’s utter misanthropy.If humans are evil by their nature, this could be proof that the main constant of existence is chaos.

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In order to effectively communicate and completely convince the audience of the true vileness of human beings, you’re gonna need a long time.

Dogville clocks in two minutes short of three hours in length, and by the end of the movie it’s hard to not find yourself at least somewhat in agreement with a depressed madman.

Who was Lars von Trier and what would ever compel someone to make something like this?

Antichrist for me was important in establishing that understanding the motivations of the artist can further make you appreciate the art.

I always understood that my interpretation was paramount, and I owned my reaction completely.

I didn’t like the idea of somebody else manipulating my own likings and dislikings.

The citizens of Dogville agree to keep her in hiding, but just having the status of being an outsider provokes contempt and abuse from just about everyone.

The social dynamics at play here between the characters are fascinating.

In other artistic expressions, I usually found myself enjoying the mysterious state of deciphering the meaning of other people’s work.

When I found out that Paul Mc Cartney wrote Martha My Dear about his dog, the song become less powerful to me.


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