Essay On Driving Safely

Unwary of the dangers to themselves and to other people, drivers continue to press on their gas even if they are in crowded neighborhoods and school zones.This not only places in danger the life of the pedestrians but even the driver and his passengers.

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(Hasan Suroor) Another risky driving behavior is the use of cellular phones while driving.

A driver who uses his cellular phone while driving, either by making a call or answering a call or using the text messaging, is placing not only his and his passenger’s life in danger but even the pedestrians.

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(John Fletcher) According to research, it does not matter whether the driver is using a hands-free device when he answers his phone as the mere talking to someone while driving decreases a driver’s attentiveness to driving.

The same is true if a driver reads a text message or attempts to compose a text message while driving which are also distracting.


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