Essay On Good And Bad Effects Of Technology

Essay On Good And Bad Effects Of Technology-70
People are so much busy and they forget their practical side of life.

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This is reducing the quality of communication between us. Actually, that was not the case before technology took over our life. Today, we fail at the first attempt and we start approaching consultants.

Our behaviors have become such that we want to achieve everything quickly. Sometimes it creates anger and destruction in the society, and we forget why are in such a rush. It looks impossible because today we want everything faster.

Actually, technology is driving humans to do everything faster without thinking and it’s affecting our communication.

For example, when someone Whats App you something, it’s important to see and respond. We need to respond because we like and believe in other person and we care about their message. Today, technology is greatly affecting the communication between thousands of people in a split second.

Before the evolution of technology, humans were more focused on their goals, we were more productive due to lack of distractions, we were composed to be of creative nature due to lack of luxury of information, life was slow, the competition was small due to lack of communication gap among people and business.

The communication was not so fast and destructive and it was not viral.But not all content that is viral influences society positively.Everyone just forwards the messages without thinking about what will be its impact on the other person.We need to think about how many of us love to plant new trees? Today we are ready to communicate with almost anyone, and many of us do not have time to communicate because we are busy in our own lives and problems.We don’t have time for others without meaning (money, reputation).Technology should not affect humans adversely, it is not created to affect in that manner. I hope in future the new inventions will be able to inform users that you’re using such apps and web too much right now, and you need to take a break.But when we overuse it, when we forget the basic rules and methods then it hits back at us. I think these big IT companies and even startups can build these applications to inform and guide users that now it’s time to cut the phone, it’s time to relax, etc., that can be a solution. It’s based on data, market demand, reputation in the society and popularity. Society selects the leaders based on popularity and not on principle and merit.Personal attacks mean here, reducing and comparing someone’s intelligence, making jokes on teachers, leaders and treating failures like criminals, etc.and that is teaching our new generation the very worst lessons of communication. People are using mobile, computer, and sharing various types of content.It’s not bad, but the problem is that only 1 person is listening and thousands of people are speaking.So the communication is not from leader to follower, but the message and communication are spread from the crowd to followers.


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