Essay On Importance Of Chemistry In Our Daily Life

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These things aren't always flashy, but they all exist because of chemistry.

These things aren't always flashy, but they all exist because of chemistry.Chemistry Around the House Something as simple as toothpaste involves at least three chemicals, if not more.

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Soaps, detergents, household cleaners are all chemicals made in a lab. The caffeine in the coffee and tea we drink affects our mood and keeps us awake. Fermentation, another chemical reaction produces beer and wine, cheese and bread.

Chemistry certainly affects us all from the time we are born until the day we die.

Cooking food causes it to go through a chemical change, which is why cooked food often tastes different from raw food.

Baking is a great example of chemistry, and it's just as precise.

Again, chemical reactions important to everyday life. When you eat foods, hydrolysis or digestion occurs in the alimentary canal.

The drugs people use are all extracted from plants or synthesized in laboratories--chemistry! This is a series of chemical reactions using enzymes, to change complex chemicals in food to endproducts that can be absorbed by the body's cells.

Knowing how chemistry works will give you a greater appreciation of the complex processes behind some of the simplest-looking things.

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Too much or too little of any ingredient throws off the reactions needed for baking. Our understanding of chemistry gives us the technology to add vitamins to food.

Vitamin water and vitamin-fortified cereal are both examples of chemistry in food. Using chemistry allows us to understand that ice floats because it is less dense than the water that created it.


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