Essay On The Qualities Of A Good Teacher

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They realize that what the students learn is less important than the learning process itself. Seventh, a good teacher is able to keep his or her students off balance. Teachers encourage learning when they try new techniques and introduce risks.

Eighth, good teachers try to motivate students by working within their own incentive system.

Moses Professor of English at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. " lists 10 qualities Beidler believes are vital to success in the teaching profession.

Most important, says Beidler, is the desire to be a good teacher -- one who succeeds in every aspect of teaching, just as teachers recognize students who really try to be good students, Students also recognize teachers who really want to be good teachers. One of the former professors at our institution was known to the students as "Dr.

Teachers who know their students' likes, dislikes, problems and personal issues are more likely to be able to "push the right button" and motivate students to learn.

Every cohort wave of students has its own characteristics and unique incentive system.Each of these teachers is invited to compete for the Carnegie Professor of the Year Program and is asked to submit an essay on what constitutes good teaching.This year, 20 of the essays were compiled into i book titled Inspiring Teaching: Carnegie Professors of the Year Speak.[1] The essays are divided into four categories: teaching characteristics, teaching practices, teaching philosophies and teaching teachers."Faking it" usually doesn't work beyond the second day of class (even if we've all had those 8 a.m. Yellownotes." This faculty member had been teaching from the same lecture notes for so many years that the paper on which they were written turned yellow and the notes had to be kept in plastic covers to keep them from disintegrating. Yellownotes was not respected by his students because he never took risks and never varied.At the other end of the spectrum, Beidler describes an experiment he tried one semester.Good teachers meet all challenges with a positive attitude.Fourth, good teachers never have enough time and never finish their work, but they don't complain about the long hours because they love what they do.He didn't assign a textbook for a writing class, instead asking the students to write their own textbook on writing.His students recognized the risk he was taking and worked hard to assure that both they and he succeeded.Good teachers tend not to believe the positive evaluations and agonize over the one or two mediocre ones, continually trying to improve their teaching.Mediocre teachers do the opposite -- they trust the good evaluations and brush off the negative ones.


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