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Always be aware of the workshops or program available to sharpen your skills, and never be afraid to ask for help.

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However his sense of personal responsibility enabled him to return. ” A student with personal responsibilities will have the correct mentality to complete their academic career.

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education “In 2008 Mr. Now an assistant men’s basketball coach at the University of Tulsa, he says he never viewed his decision to turn pro as the end of his academic career. Personal responsibility creates a credible student. A student’s character is formulated, positive work habits become a must.

The column Success is made by failures (Harvey Mackay Columnist) points out to the reader a fatalistic attitude prevents people from accepting responsibility for their position in life.

By embracing the personal responsibility the student is more aware of their actions and often taps into her own self-motivation.

Writing suggestions may help with seeing the destination ahead and contrasting the past.

Set accurate time aside to work, study, and collaborate with fellow classmates.

Since each child matures at their own rate, the age of responsibility varies greatly. For this reason, each individual grows up with different experiences which shape their characters and perspectives.

Due to the varying backgrounds, kids have different levels of maturity among their peers.

According to Mauricio Ruede “Being responsible is what your career depends on- gong to class, turning in assignments on time, studying for exams in advance, and most importantly, knowing when to go out and when to stay home.

Becoming a master student means setting and accomplishing goals-not to prove anything to anyone but yourself.


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