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As the year goes on, the children, too, face some serious issues. Where do you find the strength and courage to get through difficult times?Cassie has a run-in with Lillian Jean Simms, a white girl her own age. and the Simms boys break into a store and the Simmses assault the owners, T. What would you be willing to sacrifice for the sake of your beliefs or to help someone else?The weather-beaten school for black children, comparing with the new and expensive facilities for white children, as well as the fact that black children must also work from spring to fall, tell us that blacks and whites do not have equal opportunities to gain a good education. In fact, these actions of resistance run in the Logan family.

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Later, it is shown that in the white school, the Confederate Emblem hangs high above the American flag.

This shows that the white community’s allegiance is to the racist values of the old Confederate state and not to the new Congress government.

In the heart of the house where we had gathered for supper, freshly cut branches of long needled pines lay over the fireplace mantel adorned by winding vines of winter holly and bright red Christmas berries.

And in the fire place itself in a black pan set on a high wired rack peanuts roasted over the hickory fire as the waning light of day swiftly deepened into a fine velvet night speckled with fine fore...

I was going though the book and I found two examples that best described the setting in the book.

The first excerpt I found was describing the Logan Christmas.

The writing prompts provided are meant as suggestions only.

As students become more comfortable with the Book Club format, they will certainly have ideas and questions that go beyond the prompts.

In the book Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry, the main theme of prejudice is constantly explored.

In almost every single event or detail in the story may link to a case of prejudice or a reaction against prejudice.


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