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Many students struggle with organization, time management and prioritization skills that are required in an academic environment.I can engage with your child’s natural learning style to help him or her work more efficiently and manage digital distractions.I view the tutoring relationship as a collaborative effort between the student, the parent, the teacher and me.

Many students struggle with organization, time management and prioritization skills that are required in an academic environment.

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Learn more When students gather together and focus on a structured activity, positive change can happen!

Art groups are an intimate and fun way for students to cope with academic and social stressors.

Tutoring is an important tool to help a student discover his or her natural ability to learn, to achieve, to excel and to have a fulfilling academic experience.

Since not all students fit the school mold, some fall through the cracks. I tailor my instruction to your child’s interests and strengths.

Give a suitable title to the passage, if asked for.1.

When you are asked to give a title to the passage, try to find it out. Learn more I have tutored over 1400 students privately and in community settings.I welcome the opportunity to support you and your child in his or her academic endeavors.It can be attempted by the students who receive the training and anyone who can pick up by regular practice.1. Read a second, third, or even fourth time and try to mark the parts from the passage which can be used to answer the questions.4. Reading will help in writing the answers at the end. He is so much more motivated and we have seen such an improvement in his grades and his willingness to work. It is derived from the verb “comprehend”, which means ‘to understand’. Traditionally, students learn through their senses, primarily through visual and auditory modes.I am flexible in my teaching methods and customize my instruction to meet individual student needs.I tap into the unique hobbies and interests of each student using the child’s language and experiences as a launching point for his or her understanding.I act as your child’s educator, mentor, cheerleader and confidante.


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