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Throughout the book Count Dracula himself is rarely seen, yet he makes the readers feel the presence of an evil being throughout the entire novel.Stoker has also been very careful to In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Dracula is representative of the superhuman ideal that man is striving to achieve.

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The norm of this time entails her to be the ideal image of purity and modesty.

Women of this era had to live as an virgin wife figure of purity, and if unable to fulfill this role, she would be ” which they call Dracula.

Such a transformation can be seen in Francis Ford pureness by converting them from good to evil.

Similar to a plague, Dracula is able to remove the richness of virtue in woman and replace it with lustful wantonness and a corrupt moral compass.

The Gothic Theme in Dracula by Bram Stoker Bram Stoker's Dracula is a true Gothic novel that belongs on any gothic literature course.

Focusing in on the recurring themes, characters and settings used throughout the novel one sees how Dracula has set the standard for Gothic literature today.

In the Victorian Era, logic was perceived as good, while intuition was evil and immoral. Seward writes how he was at first convinced that Lucy was, in fact, a vampire, but later thinks these ideas are outlandish.

He is unwilling to accept Van Helsing’s intuition because his thoughts could not be justified by logic, but could be proven merely by beliefs.

In the Victorian Era, this theory would be considered very wrong, because one would either be all good, or all evil.

Today, it is believed that everyone was born with the slightest bit of evil in them.


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