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He liked to have some fun but wasn’t always hit the books kind of kid, his grades were decent but he still made it to college. A funny thing about Edwards #2 my dad is that when he left for college he was 6’1 and 180 lbs and when he graduated college he was 6’5 220 lbs and most people don’t grow that much in college. room and my mom was a sophomore and my dad was a freshman.

The next chapter in my dads life was college, He went the Ball state university. And there they fell in love and 4 years later my dad graduated from ball state university with a bachelor's degree in marketing.

Then on May 27 1992 Keith Edwards married Laura Morris, and two years later my sister Sarah was born on September 14.

And then three years later my mother had a miscarriage and again three years later I was born on August 24 2000.

She left my father with a 7 year old and two 3 year old children making $4.75 an hour at Walgreen’s.

She has always defended me and helped me do Beltran 1Tyler Beltran ENGL 1302Riley06/30/14"Reconciliation amongst Fathers"Poetry can be a very descriptive way of portraying ones feelings about anything.

My father had passed away when I was fifteen years old. He was an understanding father and a loving husband. All though, he is no longer with me, but he will always have a place in my heart.

All he had left behind for me are the precious memories and that went on during and after the divorce, things turned out alright.

And I was the last born child of my parents and the only boy.

I have always been close to my father and he has always tried to teach me things that he had to learn because his father wasn’t there to teach him.


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