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Police are hired to protect and serve the government.They save us from dangerous situations with criminals and also help make everyday life easier knowing that you don’t have to look over your shoulder in fear of what’s behind you. But it’s not that easy, for many years police have taken advantage of their authority and have exerted unnecessary force on people suspected of crimes.Police brutality essay allows communities and their members: It helps to stop a rude treatment.

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Numerous information and related topics on the Internet allows identifying a bunch of police brutality local and international incidents.

The Washington Post and BJS statistics provide the latest reports and news about police cruelty actions in the USA. The main reasons of such police enforcement officers’ misbehavior consist of the fact of bad management and system’s control.

Many of these suspects are profiled because of activities observed by police officers, this is called racial profiling.

In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attacks, tens of thousands of “lawful non-citizens from Arab Muslim-majority countries” were required to comply with special immigration registration procedures because of a belief that these individuals, as a group, were more likely to be linked to terrorist organizations than indi...

Law enforcement officers commit acts of abuse or violence with unprotected members of society, ordinary citizens.

People in law forces, who need to protect citizens, violate their personal rights and freedoms. For many years, people get into situations and incidents where police officers abuse their rights, treat suspects badly. They check few evidence, investigation results, facts pointed in the reported case, forcing a person making a confession.

Martese Johnson a honor student at the University of Virginia was viciously beaten by police officers who suspected that he had a fake I. Once the officers approached Johnson they questioned him and proceeded to beat him his head was “slammed into the brick pavement” and he was bloodied by the action.

(Martese) When the policemen drew blood they didn’t stop there they continued to bludgeon Johnson reports say he left in a squad car with his “face and skull bleeding”.

(Martese) Witnesses say during the arrest police had Johnson “sprawled on his stomach, his face streaked with blood” these descriptions don’t depict that of a normal arrest, there had to had been an underlying cause for the police to mistreat a citizen.

(Viciously) Police officers often profile certain types of individuals who are more likely to perpetrate crimes.


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