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Weight room injuries has wake public awareness when a University of Southern California American football player star was injured to his throat and was lucky to survive when his bench press bar slipped from his hand and fell on him.

Mr Stafon Johnson received a load of 275 pound nearly 125 kg on his throat and had to undergo multiple neck and throat surgeries.

It has more than 400 clubs around the US, 4 millions of customers and yearly revenue of about $1 billion.

Statistic in the US shows an increase of gym members from 20.8 million in 1992 to 33.8 million in 2002.

For decades, this was the bad image associated with gyms until the end of the 1960’s and certainly was no place for women to set foot, but this has certainly changed with recent technological development with fitness equipment on the front scene making it hardly recognisable to people still living into the old stereotype.

This firstly changed by giving members new activities like running, cycling and walking which traditionally was considered as outdoor activities, today’s gyms offer state of the art equipment with digital readout displaying exercising programs, duration and intensity of exercise, calories burned etc.Reed Remington was doing shoulder press with a load of 165 pound (75 kg), when he found out he didn’t have enough strength to push it up from head level, he arched his back to try to lock it out but lost balance while doing so, so he tried to throw the weight bar in front of his head but ended up having the bar hitting his head while falling down, his right hand got caught between the weight and the apparatus holding the weight which crushed his index finger and ripped it off.After surgery, Reed Remington had to stay at hospital for five days and 3 weeks at home for recovery (Tim Rogers, 2010).Like a phoenix, gyms have been reborn a number of times with names like weight rooms, fitness rooms and gyms which overlapped over and over again.Gyms were originally found in unhealthy neglected neighbourhood, located in wet basements, with poor lighting and ventilation leading to a strong smell of dried sweat and unsanitary condition.People between the age 13 to 24 recorded the most number of injuries but concern is rising with people between 45 to above as they have recorded the greatest increase of weight training injuries as many of them want to delay or regain the muscle loss due to ageing (Jane E Brody, 2010) The most common injures encountered among women were in the region of their feet and legs while in men the majority were in the region of the torso and hand.Fractures were mostly reported among women while men suffered more from sprain and strain.He couldn’t speak for months because of his injuries.Another severe case of injury happened when another American football player nearly got his fingers ripped off while training in the weight room ( Josh Staph, 2010).Manual handling of loads is describe as the action of lifting, pulling & pushing, moving, lowering, holding and carrying any objects using the force generated from the human body.As seen above, weight training injury takes a lot of time to heal up, leading to temporary impairment and sometimes permanent disabilities if the injury is severe.


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