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You've found an interesting job offer and want to apply.

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In general, a Greek CV is no longer than two pages; however, the Europass format is known and may be used.

The employer is more inter-ested in the skills, work experience, personal¬ity and passion for work of the applicant than in the CV format.

Make sure not to pack too much information into your CV - the company is not especially interested in your last holidays on the Maldives.

The interactive website "europass" offers you step-by-step instructions for writing a CV.

Professionally, the internship proved to be very successful because shortly afterwards I got a per­manent job as a product designer in Denmark.'The Europass format CV is not widely used and accepted, although we do recommend it.

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People with a higher education tend to use it; those with a lower educational attainment prefer not to, as it is seen as quite long and complicated. The photo should be a head/shoulder shot (unless a full-body photo is requested), appropriate to the position.Although not explicitly required, it is common practice in Germany to include a photo of yourself with your application.Choose a neutral, professional-looking portrait photo of yourself. The only things you should see in the photo are your head, neck and shoulders - nothing more.Make sure your CV is detailed and correctly structured, with all the references available and validated, when required.The Europass format CV is not widely used in Ireland.Keep it specific, keeping in mind that the purpose of the CV is to sell your skills set to your potential employer.'Through EURES, I secured an internship in a design studio in Senigallia, north­ern Italy.At the same time, I did an Ital­ian language course, which turned out to be a great place to meet people from all over the world and make new friends outside work.On a personal level, it was a very valuable experience as I learnt how to manage daily life in a country so different from my home country - and in a new language.However, it is no longer legal to shortlist applicants solely on the basis of graphologycollaboration between EURES Spain and the association of engineers of Zaragoza resulted, in just a few months, in job placements for more than 20 engineers in small- and medium-sized enterprises in Germany and the Nor­dic countries.We also provided sup­port and practical information to those workers - and to the companies where they were engaged - in order to facili­tate the transition.


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