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After all, if humans evolved, then there wasn't an Adam, there wasn't a Garden of Eden, and there wasn't a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.If that's the case, these Christians believe, then there wasn't a Fall and there wasn't a reason for Christ to be crucified.

But as a matter of explanation, I think it's barking up the wrong tree.

The reasons for why different people reject evolution, particularly within the context of different religious traditions, are complicated.

Connor Wood has an interesting essay on his belief in why some religious people reject evolutionary theory.

It's an interesting take, and I think there's some truth to it.

But only if that sacrifice is accepted by a Christian through the process of Baptism and the Sacraments.

The extent to how much influence this choice has over one's Salvation is a matter of great doctrinal contention, with probably its most extreme version being Calvinism, which holds that God foreordained who would be saved and who would be damned.That's why this discussion can often become incredibly heated and emotional.I think it's important to understand this so that there can be a fruitful dialogue in this area of science and theology.The bottom line, though, is that for many Christians, evolution isn't a minor fact of science that can be resolved into the mythos of their faith.It is, rather, a fundamental  on their faith and many things that they believe.Before Augustine could rest on his laurels, he had a new challenger - a lay monk by the name of Pelagius.Pelagius (probably) came from the relatively young Church in the British Isles, and when he arrived in Rome he was more than  little shocked to see that the Christians closest to Rome weren't living in the way he thought Christ taught.But for Christianity, the root of why so many people have trouble with evolution goes back to some very basic aspects of theology.Namely, the doctrines of Original Sin and Salvation.Let's take a trip back to the late 4th and early 5th Centuries A. The Christian Church is now the official religion of the Roman Empire, many of its early doctrinal struggles were settled at the Council of Nicea, and the Church itself had a mighty philosopher in the form of Augustine, the Bishop of Hippo, who had successfully waged a theological battle against the Donatist heresy, among others.Pelagius (probably) came from the relatively young Church in the British Isles, and when he arrived in Rome he was more than little shocked to see that the Christians closest to Rome weren't living in the way he thought Christ taught.


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