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In a creative writing enrichment class, your child will be taught these storytelling skills, which are easily transferable to other forms and genres of writing for school or future work – be it for a research paper or a school report, a business letter or an ad.

The goal of any writing is for it to capture the reader’s attention.

Creative writing gives them an opportunity to understand and make sense of the world around them, as well as the world them.

Your children will have a safe way to explore their thoughts and emotions, assert their opinions, and develop their individual voice – all of which ultimately strengthen their self-confidence.

A math enrichment class is supposed to improve problem-solving and math exam results.

A Mandarin enrichment class is supposed to teach reading, writing, and .

Research in neuroscience has shown that “creativity does not involve a single brain region or a single side of the brain.” Instead, the creative process engages the brain, drawing from an interplay of various brain regions and emotions.

So, the next time you wonder if your child is willing the time away writing a story “for fun,” remember that this exercise is strengthening his or her cognitive development.

A creative writing class will build upon all the basics of writing to improve your child’s English results in school.

Going beyond that, your child may emerge a more eloquent and well-rounded writer than before.


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