Failure Essay Insead

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In other words, think about moments in which your character was tried and you prevailed. The key here is to think about stories – giving a list will never be sufficient to explain who you are, and going straight to professional experiences will flatten you and make you seem like a robot. You can either start your essay with a declaration paragraph that describes who you are in a creative way and proceed to give examples that support your claims.Or, you can start with an anecdote or a personal story that demonstrates your personality traits and then explicate in what ways it does so.

Make sure that you tell a story that is taken from your personal life – there will be room for professional stories in the next essay.

One last thing: make sure that anything you write doesn’t negate things you wrote in your job essays.

This option will work if both the failure and the achievement have a common thread or theme tying them together. (C) Another way to approach this is if the way you dealt with your failure led you to an accomplishment you were proud of.

That is to say, you failed, you learned from it, you fixed it, in turn bringing you back to the top and leading you toward your accomplishment.

While the job essays give them an understanding of what you did, these essays should give an understanding of who you are.

Failure Essay Insead

In these essays you will not give any overviews or summaries, but delve deep into the meaning of the things you did.

There are four distinct parts to this prompt: (1) what are you proud of, (2) describe a time you failed, (3) How did your accomplishment and your failure impact your relationship with others, (4) what did you learn from each experience.

Keeping that in mind, there are a few ways you can structure your answers.

For example, if you write that you want to be an entrepreneur and proceed to describe your weakness to be a lack of ability to initiate projects, you will not be serving your overall story.

First of all, make sure that you take note of all the sub-questions that are being asked here.


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