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Early success usually leads to over confidence and a false perspective of one's abilities and realities.Failure helps one understand that their capabilities are limited, and can very often bring out the best in a person, becoming a cause for him or her to put in their best foot forward.

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One who always sees the best part of things never feels defeated by the difficulties in life.

Failure is a better teacher than success as early success can easily get into the head and cause arrogance, whereas failure leads one to become humble, compassionate, and understanding.

The best way to measure your progress at something is the number of setbacks and “failures” you’ve had.

If you haven’t failed yet, chances are you aren’t trying very hard.

It’s the difference between a natural lake being formed over thousands of years and a man-made lake coming into fruition in under a year.

*** Success takes willpower, intelligence, determination, and grit. Use this is an opportunity to reassess your relationship to the true key to success that so many people fear.When you feel that sinking, desperate sensation known as failure and you take it to heart, you diminish yourself. Success is about learning how to recognize You may want to get out a piece of paper and go through that list.Be completely open and honest as you ask yourself each question. If you look at the events leading up to any significant victory, you’ll often discover failure as the biggest motivator.You see it as an ending, as proof that your plan didn’t succeed or your ideas weren’t good enough. The only thing that separates people who succeed from those who don’t is a proper understanding of the power of failure.Success requires that you learn from mistakes and missteps along the way rather than falling into despair and giving up.If you look at all the great men and women throughout history, you’ll notice that they had one main thing in common. There are various estimates, but they all range in the ballpark of a . So much so that he is quoted for saying the following: “Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.” Clearly, failure represents opportunity and growth, not deficit and loss.Just as all the greats have something in common, so too do the true “failures” of life: their inability to use failure as a tool.Failure is the blacksmith’s hammer that tempers the sword of success.If you want to get really good at something, you have to fail at least a few times. How many times did he fail to find the right filament for his light bulb?website where he writes about his unique experiences and insights into growing yourself.He writes in a humorous, direct style, and aims at entertaining his readers as much as helping them better themselves.


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