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After inventing the way to make the machines at the bakery work quicker, Mr.

After inventing the way to make the machines at the bakery work quicker, Mr.Donner gives him a fifty dollars as a bonus and a ten dollar raise in his salary (Keyes 43).Becoming intelligent is Charlie’s most important desire!

During the experiment the reader can see that the writing becomes more correct and complex, Charlie starts using smart words and, what is more important, starts thinking in a different way.

It also gives insight into what Charlie is thinking, which is remarkably important in a story that is concerned with the mind.

This way of narration keeps the reader closer to the character, and makes Charlie both more personalized and likeable character.

The Flowers for Algernon starts with a very simple and grammatically incorrect text.

“Flowers for Algernon, first published in 1959, is considered a landmark work on both science fiction and disability literature,” (Werlock 2009).

The American Library Association reports that this novel was banned as an obscene for its love scenes.After a successful television adaptation, The Two Worlds of Charlie Gordon, Keyes decided to extend “Flowers for Algernon” to the size of a full-length novel in 1966.The novel brings Daniel Keyes another highest honor in the world of science fiction – Nebula Award as a prize for the best novel of the year.Flowers for Algernon appears on reading lists, including the American Library Association’s Outstanding Books for the College Bound, the National Council of Teachers of English Books for You, and various others, as well. The use of Flowers for Algernon has not been without censorship problems, mainly due to sexual and religious reasons, but it has been acknowledged as a great piece of literature (Karolides 253-54).Flowers for Algernon has been banned and challenged by many parents in various schools.However, it only makes the relationship with colleagues more complicated.Secondly, his family, especially mother, cannot understand what has happened.The novel was banned in schools in Florida (1976) and Arkansas (1981), and it has been challenged in Wyoming High School due to parents complaints’ (1984).Flowers for Algernon was banned due to its references to sex as well as a sexual encounter between Charlie and his teacher.Finally, in a postscript of his last report in the novel, Charlie writes: “P. please if you get a chance put some flowers on Algernon’s grave in the back yard.” (Keyes 112) Cline, Brent Walter. “”You’Re Not The Same Kind Of Human Being”: The Evolution Of Pity To Horror In Daniel Keyes’ Flowers For Algernon”.


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