Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Case Study

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Case Study-10
” Lacking tsunami specific training, certification and licensing, the potential for similar mistakes to occur in hazard studies for other coastal nuclear power plants exists, he said.

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This is not to minimize the issues occurring at the other plants and units, but rather to clearly demonstrate the cause-and-effect within one small piece of the overall picture.

The issues surrounding Unit 3 are extremely complex.

This includes radiation and conventional emergencies such as fres, release of hazardous chemicals, storms or earthquakes.

It includes situations for which prompt action is warranted to miti gate the effects of a perceived hazard.

Globally, we lack standards for the tsunami-specific training and certification of engineers and scientists who perform hazard studies, and for the regulators who review them, who can in principle ensure that changes be made, if needed,” Synolakis said.

“How many licensing boards have tsunami-specific questions when granting professional accreditation?

Of the 33 total backup power lines to off-site generators, all but two were obliterated by the tsunami.

Unable to cool itself, Fukushima Daiichi’s reactors melted down one by one.

The paper by Synolakis and Kânoğlu was published on Sept. The research was supported by ASTARTE (grant 603839) and the National Science Foundation (Award CMMI 1313839).

This case study gives an overview of the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) initial emergency response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (GEJET) which happened on the 11 March 2011.


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