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There are four possible relationships (dependencies) between tasks: Here each task has a single predecessor, the simplest arrangement. In such situations you will need to think carefully about possible undesirable consequences.

When moving into a new office for instance, you cannot start redesigning the office space before the lease agreement has been signed.

Project plans have a specific start date, corresponding to the start of the first task (for instance defining the requirements for the new office), and a specific end date, corresponding to the end of the last task (for instance moving in).

Any change in the timing of a task affects all the tasks that depend on it.

If a task runs ahead of schedule, the Gantt application automatically recalculates the dates of all the tasks that depend on it in order to take advantage of the time gained.

When planning the production of a marketing brochure for instance, you could use lead time to make the creation of artwork start a few days before the writing phase is over.

The two tasks are however still linked, which means that a delay of the writing phase will also delay the creation of the artwork.

Conversely, if a task is delayed, all the tasks that depend on it are automatically rescheduled, which may or may not impact the overall end date of the project.

By using the Gantt display you can build and manage complete project plans in this standard, well-defined format.

Mind mapping software, which encourages creative thinking, will help you to develop a work breakdown structure and ensure that nothing is omitted from the overall project plan.

If the mind mapping software incorporates Gantt charting (i.e.


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