Gcse History Coursework Stalin

Gcse History Coursework Stalin-77
] Allocate out a different topic from those listed in the drop-down menu to each student.In a subsequent lesson, each student then does a presentation to the class based on their findings.

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https://sites.google.com/a/cns-school.org/cns-history/unit-2-english-revolution-1625-1660 Intro How_Much_Land_Does_A_Man_Need - Leo_Tolstoy Alexander II Overview at Alexander II - Liberator or Traditionalist Alexander II An Alternative View Alexander II and III Textbook Sample.

Intro/The Reaction Security/Repression Education Reaction Local Politics Reaction Nicholas II Stolypin the Tsars Last Hope Superannuated Form of Goverment Provisional Government and the 1917 Revolutions Provisional Government Overview and Questions Access-to-History textbook sample covering the1917 Revolutions Soviets Leninism v Stalinism Pravda Stalins Russia Politics and the Purges The party that ate itself Purges Guided Reading for SHP Grey and Red Text The Improbable Victory Russia and WWII WWII guided Reading for Yellow Years if Change Text Stalin the Myth links on youtube (watchs parts 1-5) watch?

Kirov championed these views at the 17th Party Congress and emerged as the popular alternative to Stalin.

Shortly afterwards he was shot inside the Party offices in Leningrad.

Please visit out Year 12 page for details of our two cousres.

Unit 1 PLC USA Unit 2 English Revolution PLC Unit 1 Tudor PLC Unit 2Germany PLC USA - challenge quiz English Revolution - MEGA QUIZ Tudors - Term Quiz Germany Quiz The following 5 tasks should be completed before you return in Year 13 to get your NEA research off to a great start.They can then compare the results with what actually happened in Stalin's USSR. [student worksheet] [teacher copy] [Power Point Presentation] 2.Complete with worksheets, this is a fantastic way of introducing students to the concepts and events of the period. Collectivisation: Theory and Practice [student worksheet ] [teacher copy] [Power Point Presentation] [Interactive Running Dictation Exercise] 3.History is one of the most highly valued A-Level subjects by universities.Many of our students go on to study History at university, while those who do not often find their study of History aids them in their own subject, whether arts or sciences.Debate on the causes, course and consequence of the 5-Year Plans [student worksheet] 3.Assessment of the 5-Year Plans [student worksheet] [teacher notes] 4.Best of all is if they choose the three most interesting questions and responses and memorise these.The questions are then given by each student to the teacher.Each student then has to sit in front of the class, and the teacher interviews each "Stalin" whilst the rest of the class takes notes.Calendar of Historical Anniversaries, 2019-2020Renaissance Florence Simulation updated, relaunched Comparing / contrasting the impact on two states: the USA / the DDRVideo viewing notes: The DDR: Lost World of Communism Analyse the impact of the Cold War upon the DDRThen and Now photographs: Battlefields / Berlin Interpretation Battleships: The Treaty of Versailles French Revolution Simulation: Updated, relaunched20 question factual test: Nixons foreign policy The Watergate Scandal and the Fall of Richard Nixon Escape the Room: The Black Death!


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