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However, there are times when you’ll need to add some details or deviate from the formula a little bit.The guidelines I have listed will cover most of what you’ll write for an argumentative essay conclusion, but there are more details you should add.Thus, a conclusion for an argumentative essay should let the reader know why the topic you’re writing about is important, and why you think your point of view is the right one. You are telling a story, and you probably have not come across many books that fully summarize the main points of the story at the end.

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It’s no easy task, but it can be done with a bit of dexterity, patience, and lots of ribbon.

Wrapping up your essay can sometimes feel like wrapping a present without tape—it can be difficult at times, and you may feel that it’s just too much work.

The point is to make sure that the reader stays hooked until the very end.

The tips I’ve given above are for a general essay conclusion and will hold true for most types of essays.

Okay, are you done with your intro and body paragraphs now? When I say summarize your thesis statement and the main points of your body paragraphs, I don’t just mean restate them in the same or nearly the same words.

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You have to use different language in your essay conclusion that will make it engaging.Your dedication to detail will let your loved one know you cared to take the time.”You might notice that my essay conclusion example is a little more drawn out than the thesis statement.This is because I wanted to include enough details to tie up any loose ends.Still going with the gift idea for this example: If your thesis statement is, “Wrapping gifts is important because it builds anticipation in the recipient, it makes the gift look nice, and it shows the person you really care.”Your essay conclusion shouldn’t just say the exact same thing over again. For example, “One of the most important aspects of gift-giving is the element of surprise, and a great way build up the surprise is to take care in wrapping your gift.Using bright colors and decorations such as ribbons and bows can make quite an impression.There are a lot of different kinds of essays, so your conclusion is going to vary between each category.However, there are a few common elements that almost every essay conclusion should include. Well, in a few circumstances, it’ll be okay to break the rules a little bit.But just like anything else, you should get to know the rules first before you break them.Okay, by now you should have a strong introduction complete with a hook and a thesis statement.For your point of interest at the end of your essay conclusion, it is often a good idea to give an idea of what would happen if the reader, or the world as a whole, chose the opposing point of view. It just means that you have to do it in a different way. You’ve taken the reader through a journey, and reflection in a narrative essay conclusion “takes the reader home.” It tells what you learned as a result of that journey.The conclusion could also be a piece of dialogue that has some statement that ties everything up nicely. Though you may need to add more details as in the case of the argumentative essay, or change the rules completely as with the narrative essay, most conclusions follow a pretty straightforward set of rules.


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