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She is the main character and causes trouble everywhere she goes.The Salem Witch Trials is about hearings and prosecutions of people who were accused of witchcraft. Abigail first commits adultery with Elizabeth’s husband.This is the main reason why Abigail starts all of the rumors amongst the town.

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Abigail knew it was a sin to commit adultery with a married man but she never really cared.

One day while talking to John, Abigail told him “I will not, I cannot!

Little did anyone know Abigail induced the slaves into doing witchcraft.

She accused Elizabeth Proctor of sending evil spirits and stabbing her with a needle so Elizabeth would be hanged and she could have John.

Abigail would tell John about his wife and say “she is blackening my name in the village; she is a cold sniveling woman”.

(Miller 23-24) John tries to end the affair but Abigail will not let him go because she is in love with him.

She then convinces the court that Mary is sending her soul in the shape of a bird and is trying to attack her.

Being as devious as she is, she gets all of the girls to follow her lead in the lies.

This desperation causes her to resent both proctor and his wife; this resentment leads to the accusation of Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft.

Because she gets hurt by John Proctor, "She faces these, her own crises, by helping to escalate and create a witch hunt"(10 Johnson and Johnson).


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