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In practice, many bilingual programs became more concerned with teaching in the native language and maintaining the ethnic culture of the family than with teaching children English in three years.

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Bilingual education has brought in extra funding to hire and train paraprofessionals, often the parents of bilingual children, as classroom aides.

Career programs in several school districts, among them an excellent one in Seattle that was in operation through early 1996, pay college tuition for paraprofessionals so that they may qualify as teachers, thus attracting more teachers from immigrant communities to the schools.

The public accepts that these children are entitled to special help; we know that the economic well-being of our society depends on maintaining a literate population with the academic competence for higher education and skilled jobs.

The typical complaint heard years ago, "My grandfather came from Greece [or Sicily or Poland] and they didn't do anything special for him, and he did okay," no longer figures in the public discussion.

For many years French was taught and spoken in Louisiana schools, Greek in Pittsburgh.

Only after the First World War, when German was proscribed, did public sentiment swing against teaching in any language but English.Large school districts such as those in New York and Los Angeles have long had bilingual professionals on their staffs of psychologists, speech therapists, social workers, and other specialists.Promoting parental understanding of American schools and encouraging parental involvement in school activities are also by-products of bilingual education.Jim Cummins, a bilingual-education theorist and a professor of education at the University of Toronto, contributed two hypotheses.His "developmental interdependence" hypothesis suggests that learning to read in one's native language facilitates reading in a second language."It is not the purpose of the bill to create pockets of different languages through the country ...but just to try to make those children fully literate in English."English was not always the language of instruction in American schools.Latino leaders borrowed the strategies of the civil-rights movement, calling for legislation to address the needs of Spanish-speaking children—Cubans in Florida, Mexicans along the southern border, Puerto Ricans in the Northeast.In 1968 Congress approved a bill filed by Senator Ralph Yarborough, of Texas, aimed at removing the language barrier to an equal education.The Master of Education (MEd) in Bilingual Education is designed to develop teachers with a thorough understanding the enrichment of bilingual education programs and practices that not only meet the educational needs of native Spanish speakers, but would also provide bilingual / biliterate / bicultural enrichment opportunities for all children.The degree provides an opportunity to prepare experts in various specialized education areas to promote and support enrichment bilingual education. a) Write 250 words in English explaining your interest in graduate studies b) Write 250 words for your chosen specialization: i.


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