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There is always something to complicate your life making your daily routine more difficult.From using your cell phone, home wireless phone and computer, to dealing with multiple television remote controls, the home theater and wireless internet connections, to figuring out how to program the clock in your car or keep your VCR from blinking all the time …Contractors, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians are not interested in these smaller tasks. Bonded, screened, and highly trained Handymen will be assigned to a limited number of buildings (based on demand) for the specific purpose of providing handyman services for the tenants.

Instead it will focus on other areas where a little help can have dramatic results.

Examples of non computer/technical areas where the hot–line will be of value to customers include: The purpose of the Making It Easier Service and its associated hot–line are to help people remove complex decisions from their lives.

From February through August 2004, Charlie Miller did "hands–on" research advertising handyman services solely on Craigslist.org, a free online bulletin board serving individuals in Chicago.

Business was brisk prior to July 4th, slowing in late July and early August.

Home owners and apartment renters have requirements for "small job" maintenance, including tasks constructing prefabricated furniture, installing shelving and curtains, hanging artwork, changing lighting fixtures, and many other tasks that are typically referred to as "handyman services".

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It is difficult to find qualified people who will take on these small jobs. " Handyman Services will offer small–job handyman services.

The Company intends to become a trusted source of information much the same way Consumer Reports does in its magazines—but with a personal touch—available to callers immediately when they want it by simply making a phone call.

The goal of the Company's business model is to establish a customer base before hiring personnel or taking on investment in physical assets so that the Company grows with the demand for its services.

The fee for on–site handyman services will range, based on market conditions and geographic location.

However for the purpose of this business plan we are assuming per hour. " Handyman Services also will create relationships with third–party vendors, such as plumbers, electricians, computer technicians, home theater experts, and others.


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