Hazardous Materials Business Plan

In ascending order, the tiers are: Business treating their hazardous waste may include plating shops, metal-etching shops, or acid or alkaline chemical mixers, etc.

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The primary goal of the CUPA Program is to protect public health and the environment by promoting compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

All inspectors in the CUPA Program are trained Hazardous Materials Specialists who take part in continuous education program to ensure consistency and uniformity during inspections.

Generator ID numbers can be obtained and reactivated by using Form 1358 and submitting it to DTSC.

Tiered Permitting refers to a graduated series of requirements applicable to hazardous waste generators conducting onsite treatment of their own hazardous waste.

If a business treats the hazardous waste it generates, by altering its physical, chemical or biological state, the business is subject to tiered permitting requirements.

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The level of regulation is scaled to the relative risk and complexity involved under each treatment tier.The documents listed below are available in PDF format and/or as Microsoft Word files.If you need help downloading, printing, or entering data for any of these documents, please view the Download Instructions and Uniform Document Questions and Answers pages.The main components of a RMP are: hazard assessment, prevention and emergency response.Staff reviews all components of the RMP to ensure completeness and inspect RMP facilities for compliance.The CUPA ensures access to this information for emergency first response agencies.The Hazardous Waste Generator Program covers businesses that generate any quantity of hazardous waste.The CUPA utilizes the Business Plan information submitted to CERS for the Hazardous Waste Generator Application.All generators of hazardous waste are required to have active Generator ID numbers issued by the State of California's Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) .Submit this form, or an equivalent written monitoring plan for aboveground storage of hazardous materials and wastes, along with your HMBP or minimal storage site notification (e.g., Registration Form).Consolidated Emergency Response Plan for use by owners/operators of facilities subject to Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) reporting requirements.


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    If you have a hazardous material onsite, then you must complete the Business Owner/Operator Identification page OES Form 2730 and the Hazardous Materials Inventory - Chemical Description page OES Form 2731, as well as an Emergency Response Plan and Training Plan.…

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