Hopes And Dreams Essay Of Mice And Men

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Sample Five Paragraph Thematic Essay on Of Mice and Men Before the Lincoln Memorial Martin Luther King Jr.

announced, “I have a dream,” andthrough his hard work and tireless efforts, through his sharing of his dream with millions of Americans, through his hope and determination, the Civil Rights Act was signed by Lyndon Johnson and equality among all people was a step closer to being realized.

Another example is Crooks‟ memory of his father‟s chicken ranch.

A third example is Georgeand Lennie‟s dream of having their own place.

With the knowledge that theirdream can be realized, Lennie, Candy, and especially George not only bond as good friends anddevelop an optimism about their future, but they develop a determination which will enable themto improve their situation in their present lives. We‟ll fix up that little old place an‟ we‟ll go live there” (p.45).

This determination is evidenced when Georgesays, “We‟ll do her. George‟sand Lennie‟s dream of having their own place breeds hope, friendship, and especially a strongdetermination to make that dream a reality.Despite having to run away from towns (because Lennie keeps getting in trouble) and George forced into the role as a surrogate parent, the two men have each other. As Crooks, the black stable hand, aptly puts it, "I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an' he gets sick." The title of this book, Of Mice and Men was taking from the poem called: To a Mouse.The poem talks about a mouse who's plans and dreams die away. Steinbeck makes it clear that people need the friendship and love of other people to survive.Among all the sad and lonely people in the book, George and Lennie are lucky.Whereas Candy, Lennie, and George all look totheir future for their dream, Crooks looks into his past, remembering the sense of joy he had as asmall boy on his father‟s chicken ranch. His illness is a bitterness caused by those discriminating againsthim.Crooks explains to Lennie that the “white kids [came]to play at our place, an' sometimes I went to play with them, and some of them were pretty nice”(p.46). He dreams of being able to communicateand be with others on an equal basis. Don‟t make no difference who the guy is, long‟s he‟s with you. A third significant example that having a dream breeds hope, friendship, anddetermination is George‟s and Lennie‟s dream of having their own place.This ultimately enables George, Lennie, and Candyto strive onward in life with a sense of self-worth and importance.The idea that having a dream breeds hope, friendship, and determination, enabling one tostrive onward in life with a sense of self-worth and importance is a major theme in Steinbeck‟snovel Of Mice and Men.John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is an Oscar-winning novella that was published in 1937.John Steinbeck was born in 1902 in Salinas, California.


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