How The Telephone Changed The World Essay

How The Telephone Changed The World Essay-27
The mobile phone is now a part of our popular culture.New customs, rituals and routines are developing around what is being used every day.

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“The Industrial Revolution was a continuing period of economic growth and change which were caused by technological innovations in the process of manufacturing” (Kishlansky).Kendall had no problem for convincing others of the profit and had a small group of investors that put up ,000.The investors form the Magnetic Telegraph Company” (History Wired).Morse began receiving funds from Congress to start an illustration where the line would be between Washington and Baltimore.Morse was not a businessman so naturally he had no plan to put together a line.If they had been, then man surely would have phoned home to the cave and said: “Light the fire, honey, because I’ll be home soon with half a lion.”In the final analysis, mobile telephony is not a matter of radio waves and electronics, but rather human communication.We need to talk to each other, and that need has been paramount from the day we stood up on two legs. Without talking to each other, we would quickly be eaten up by tigers, wolves or our own loneliness.But everyone underestimated the importance that mobile phones would assume for person-to-person communications.In the 1870s, when the telephone was introduced it was also regarded as a luxury for businessmen, doctors, craftsmen, etc.In the pre-industrial society people sang songs about planting and harvesting.In rock music, from the fifties and onwards, cars and motorbikes have been recurring themes.


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