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For example, one , where you work in 25-minute sprints with five-minute breaks in between—have become so popular in work settings.Not only do these sorts of techniques instill a sense of urgency to get as much accomplished in a certain time block as possible, but they also have regular breaks baked in when you can refocus and recharge.Watching the minutes tick away right in front of you might give you the push you need—and make your homework a little more exciting.

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Silence your notifications You’re working on the slides for an upcoming presentation when you’re notified that a new email has landed in your inbox.

You rip your attention away from your slide deck to check on that message.

Step away from the phone Phone buzzing away while you’re trying to focus on reading your never-ending history chapter?

Try turning it off and handing it to someone you trust like a parent or sibling to get it out of your sight.

We all want to get more done at work—to be able to head into our weekends without tons of unfinished tasks and daunting projects hanging over our heads.

But, here’s the thing: Being productive isn’t always easy. Even on those days when you feel like you’re cranking through your various assignments relatively painlessly, you look down at the end of the workday and realize that somehow your to-do list is even longer than when you started.(Read the full article )1.It’s OK to breeze through smaller assignments so you have more time to tackle the major stuff, like a project worth 10 percent of your grade or studying for a chapter test.Check your work with friends If something will be graded for accuracy and you’re super crunched for time, check your homework with a friend who’s acing the class after you’ve completed it yourself.PUT THIS TIP TO WORK: Close out that inbox tab in your browser. Turn off your phone, shut off your notifications, or put that device in another room if you have to.Don’t worry—those alerts will be there waiting for you when you’re ready to devote some attention to them.3.PUT THIS TIP TO WORK: Especially if you aren’t used to taking breaks, getting up and away from your desk periodically isn’t something that’s going to come naturally to you.Set a timer or a reminder that nudges you to step away at least once every hour.2.I hate to burst your bubble, but nobody is skilled at multitasking. So if you aren’t doing two things at once, what are you actually doing?You’re task switching—which essentially means you’re hopping back and forth between different tasks at a rapid rate.You can review flashcards while eating breakfast, knock out a few math problems before third period and read a chapter of a required book on the bus or car ride home.To drown out the noise around you with a pair of noise-canceling headphones or pop in some earbuds and play white noise or soothing sounds.


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