How To Solve Trigonometry Word Problems

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$C$ is the horizontal translation from the parent function.

This Instructable is originally intended for the ninth students at DIS, but anybody is welcome to learn about Trigonometry.

Adjacent - The side that is next to the angle of reference that is not the hypotenuse. Third Slide: Tricks on how to find the value of the sin, cos, tan of a specific angle. Sin 30° = 1 (opposite)/2 (Hypotenuse) so it equals ½ = .5(calculator). You can use the pythagorean theorem to check that these are valid right triangles.

Right Triangle - A triangle with one ninety degree angle. There are other examples of finding the ratio defining the trigonometric functions of specific angles.

A surveyor wants to measure the approximate diameter of this lake.

He starts from one end of the lake and walks a distance of 5$ yards towards a tree that lies a little away from the edge of the lake.So we can use the law of cosines to find the length of the third side $x$. One of the other sides of the pen would be the m$ wall of the barn which is at an angle of $ degrees to the fence. The side $BC$ of this triangle is our barn wall which is m$ long.A triangular pen for livestock is to be constructed in the back yard. Now we know that we have the length of two sides of the triangle and the measure of the included angle.Question 19 As per given condition of the question the second isosceles triangle (EBC) has same base that of first one (ABC) but the area of second one is thrice that of first one.It is possible only if the height of second triangle is thrice that of first one.I will also provide tips on how to study and learn this topic well.This tutorial requires you to already know some basic algebra and geometry.First Slide: Formulas - Sin = Opp/Hyp, Cos = Adj/Hypotenuse Tan = Opp/Adj Note: x is the angle we are using to determine the opp, adj, or the hypotenuse. The S in Soh represents the Sine, while the o stands for opposite, and the h stands for hypotenuse.If it were another angle, then the opposite and adjacent would change. Definitions: Hypotenuse - The longest side of a right triangle. Opposite - The side opposite to the angle of reference.1)You have to first identify the right triangle in this scenario. What function will give you the side you need to solve for? First, you determine the right function to use (tan, sin, and cos) based off of which sides are given (Hyp, Adj, Opp). What trigonometric function involves both the opposite and the hypotenuse? I recommend buying a math book as a source to find a variety of problems, and learn concepts.4) Apply the function to that angle, solve for the side, and calculate. If you identify your difficulties, be sure to ask for help!


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