How To Write A Research Proposal Outline

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You can imagine all the ideas you want to explore and your professor is sure to fall in love with it. We’ve put together this guide with a template to ensure you can dive right into your passion topic.

In the humanities, you’ll probably use the MLA citation guide.

For in-text citations use the author page number format and include a bibliography at the back of the paper to give a full citation of each reference.

Here is an example of what your proposal outline would look like in APA or MLA formatting. Knowing how to put together the right text will assist you in the real world as well.

Reference the portions above to expand on the outline and add in the details specific to your paper. You’ll be much more prepared in persuading others to your ideas.

So let’s take a look at the parts of a research proposal.

Depending on your discipline, your research paper proposal outline may look a little different.

You’ll also need to draft a title page for your work.

On the cover page, include the running head, your name, university, teacher, and course.

This discussion would be in relation to how your research on the topic is something that hasn’t been done before and how it is likely to expand the body of knowledge on the subject.

is arguably the most significant document of your application to a postgraduate course, laboratory induction program or to get funding for a scientific study.


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