Hurricane Research Paper

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Past the farms, there would be divergence, which suppressed the precipitation further.

"By the time the air reaches the land, it's been squeezed out of a lot of moisture.

That's the convergence upstream of the offshore wind farms," said Archer.

This leads to increased precipitation because when the winds converge at a point on the surface, they have no other place to go except up, and that vertical motion brings more moisture into the atmosphere.

To be able to estimate the profitability of the plants, first the wind potential must be determined.

Hurricane season presents special dangers for elders, particularly for those in nursing homes and assisted living."The more wind farms you have, the more impact they will have on a hurricane," said Archer."By the time a hurricane actually makes landfall, these arrays of turbines have been operating for days and days, extracting energy and moisture out of the storm. Literally." Building and operating offshore wind farms is an expensive business.We got a 30 percent reduction of the precipitation with the Harvey simulations," said Archer."That means, potentially, if you have arrays of offshore turbines in an area where there are hurricanes, you will likely see a reduction in precipitation inland if the farm is there." The study used a number of hypothetical turbines ranging from a control case that used 0 to a maximum of 74,619, a number that Archer stressed was out of the realm of possibility in the near future.The strong economic performance of Katrina victims is particularly remarkable given that the hurricane struck with essentially no warning.Our results suggest that, at least in this particular disaster, aid to cover destroyed assets and short-run income declines was sufficient to make victims financially whole."Think about convergence like when there's traffic on a freeway and everybody is going fast and then all of a sudden, there's an accident and everybody slows down.You get a convergence of cars that backs up because everybody slows down.With the United States being pummeled over the last couple of years with several high-category, high-damage hurricanes, the University of Delaware's Cristina Archer recently published a paper that discovered an unexpected benefit of large-scale offshore wind farms: they lessen the precipitation caused by these devastating storms.Archer said that while previous studies have shown that hypothetical offshore wind farms can harness the kinetic energy from hurricanes and lessen the effects of wind and storm surge, this study showed that offshore wind farms can also have an impact on precipitation.


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