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You’ll end up with a long list of blog ideas to address. Or, it can be as simple as asking your followers what they want to see and inviting them to comment.

You can sort them by relevancy and search volume, too. Your audience knows what they want to see from you. Most people like this type of transparency, and will be thankful when you dedicate a whole post to their suggested topic. If you’re stumped for blog ideas, tap someone else’s brain and get into their headspace.

To make your journey 10 times easier, we’ve compiled our best strategies for getting there.

Come back to this list again and again for a quick way to get on track. Sometimes, all you need is a push in the right direction to get moving.

All you have to do is plug in a keyword, and the generator will spit out different ways to frame the topic.

Sometimes these won’t make grammatical sense, but the point is to get ideas flowing rather than grab ready-made, publishable topics.

Look at these blogs, especially solid ones, and see what they’re up to. Quora is a great resource for discovering what trends and topics people are interested in right this second. Any of these questions would make great blog topics to address, especially if you have unique answers.

To find popular questions people are asking about topics in your industry (and whether they’ve been answered! If you want a quick way to brainstorm blog ideas, head to Moz’s Keyword Explorer and do a search.

Here are some good questions to ask to get you started: Buzz Sumo is a fantastic tool to aid you in your quest for blog ideas.

There are seemingly hundreds of ways to search various topics and keywords and glean lots of helpful data. Go to the site and head over to “Content Analysis.” Plug your keyword or seed topic into the search box and hit “Search.” From there, scroll down until you get to the section with the heading “Popular Topics for Content Related to…” Gold!


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