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• The writer demonstrates syntactic variety by expanding, combining, and reducing sentences.• The writer establishes and maintains a formal style and objective tone.His first day in the camp, he saw babies burn to ashes.

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Isabel Hambric Period 510/2/2014"Indifference strengthens evil," a subject truly close to Elie Wiesel's heart.

People of the same towns, religions, heritage, etc. As tons of Jewish families were evacuated from the ghetto, Hungarians they had known for years sat and watched. Wiesel's father had been beaten, one of the first days in camp.

His father was humiliated and Wiesel felt humiliation for him. Ce Sun ENG102 Essay1 Draft1 January9, 2018 The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen writes a story of a match girl wants to get warm and happiness before the day of the new year, but she dies on a corner of a street at a cold night at last.

The Little Match Girl is one of Andersen’s the most famous fairy tales in the world. The author uses a fairy tale to depict hard lives of people who are the that Meursault is indifferent about his world and his own life.

This pervasive indifference is the solid bedrock upon which the rest of the story rests, and upon which his life eventually ends.• The writer demonstrates complete control of the conventions of standard written English for sentence structure, grammar, usage, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.• The writer may make a few errors, but they do not interfere with meaning.From school fights with kids ignoring a victim of a bully to, ignoring starving children on streets.Wiesel's experience during the Holocaust shaped his life crucially as well as his writing.• The writer explains and elaborates on the facts, clearly connecting them to the focus, information, or explanation.The following criteria will earn you full credit for each category: • The writer introduces the topic clearly and provides an observation and focus.• The writer provides sophisticated, varied transitions to clearly link the major sections of the text and clarify the relationships among complex ideas and concepts.The following criteria will earn you full credit for each category: • The writer provides precise language, domain-specific vocabulary, and literary techniques to inform about or explain the topic.• The writer’s facts, ideas, and concepts clearly support the focus, information, and explanation presented and affirm the audience’s knowledge of the topic.• The writer provides thorough development and elaboration drawn from the stimulus/research material by using relevant, well-chosen facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations or other information or examples.


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