Information Technology Business Plan Template

Make sure you have considered Assumptions, Risk Analysis, Contingency Planning, Accountability, SWOT Analysis and the Expected Results.A networking cabling, infrastructure or data center project may require topics regarding the Facilities, Site Planning, Infrastructure, Security Plan, Expansion Plan, Storage, Location Analysis, Diagrams, Blueprints, Equipment, and so on.

For example, website designers might need to include information about templates, widgets, or shopping cart technologies; network specialists may want to include specifications for cables and routers they recommend; IT trainers might include lists of courses and certifications offered; and so forth.

The most important idea to keep in mind is that the goal of any proposal is to convince potential clients to award you their contracts, convince your boss to sign-off on your proposed project, or possibly secure funding for a new venture.

Now, getting back to the basic order described above, begin your proposal with a Cover Letter and a Title Page.

In the Cover Letter, write a brief personal introduction and provide all your relevant contact information so the client can easily contact you for more information.

In complex but less corporate proposals, the summary is usually called a Client Summary.

On this summary page and in the detailed pages of this section, describe your client's needs and goals and discuss the limitations or restrictions that may be associated with the project.

An IT training company might want pages such as Services Provided, Training Plan, Exercises, Curriculum, Prerequisites, Retraining, Materials and an Outline.

A company with a large volume of records (such as accounts, legal firms, medical practices, etc.) needing to setup a Records Management program may use topics such as the File Plan, Taxonomy, and Records Management.

Your proposal should be tailored to a specific client and that client's needs.

This means you need to gather information about that client so that you can create a customized proposal to meet that specific client's requirements.


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