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Bergholtz’s work also appears in Contemporary Literature, Film International and Mississippi Quarterly. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Literature, Media and Communication, where he teaches multimodal composition courses in 20th and 21st century global Anglophone literature, British literature and postcolonial literature. Aref Samadi-Dooki — LSU Alumni Association Distinguished Dissertation Award in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Aref Samadi-Dooki’s results from his dissertation, “Experimental, Analytical and Numerical Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of the Brain Tissue,” are useful as input variables for computer simulations of brain tissue in studying traumatic brain injury, malformation of the brain folds and other pathobiological conditions associated with the mechanical behavior of the brain.He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Central Florida and his master’s and Ph. While recent studies have unraveled the importance of the biomechanics of the brain on its pathological conditions, the ultra-soft nature of this tissue makes its mechanical evaluation extremely challenging.During the past three decades, he has been using coastal sedimentary records to reconstruct past hurricane activities along the U. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts, the Caribbean region and the Pacific coast of Mexico over the last 5,000 years.

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Blain, Pennsylvania State University, '''For the Freedom of the Race': Black Women and the Practices of Nationalism, 1929–1945" (Princeton University) 2014 Katherine M. "La Vanguardia Feminista: Pan-American Feminism and the Rise of International Women's Rights, 1915-1946" (Stanford University dissertation) 2013 Stephanie E.

Jones-Rogers, University of Iowa, “‘Nobody Couldn’t Sell’em but Her’: Slaveowning Women, Mastery, and the Gendered Politics of the Antebellum Slave Market” 2012 Katherine Turk, Indiana University Maurer School of Law (Spring 2012)/University of Texas at Dallas (Fall 2012), “Equality on Trial: Women and Work in the Age of Title VII” 2011 Sarah Haley, Princeton University (Spring 2011) / University of California, Los Angeles (Fall 2011), "Engendering Captivity: Black Women and Convict Labor in Georgia, 1865–1938" 2010 Jessie B.

Ramey, University of Pittsburgh, "A Childcare Crisis: Poor Black and White Families in Orphanages in Pittsburgh, 1878–1929" 2009 Jane Alexandra Berger, Cornell University, “When Hard Work Doesn’t Pay: Gender and the Urban Crisis in Baltimore, 1945–1985” 2008 Danielle L.

Mc Guire, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Wayne State University (fall 2008), "At the Dark End of the Street: Sexualized Violence, Community Mobilization, and the African-American Freedom Struggle" 2007 Serena Mayeri, University of Pennsylvania Law School, "Reasoning from Race: The Civil Rights Paradigm and American Legal Feminism, 1960–1979" 2006 Margot Canaday, Princeton University, "The Straight State: Sexuality and American Citizenship, 1900–1969" (University of Minnesota) 2005 Vasantha Lynn Kennedy, University of Lethbridge, “Partus Sequitur Ventrem: Narratives of Childbirth and Motherhood in the Antebellum South,” (University of Western Ontario) 2004 Jennifer Guglielmo, Smith College, "Negotiating Gender, Race, and Coalition: Italian Women and Working-Class Politics in New York City, 1880–1945" 2003 Rebecca Jo Plant, University of California, San Diego, "The Repeal of Mother Love" (Johns Hopkins University) 2002 Lisa G.

To support this claim, “Swallowing a World” analyzes massive and meandering novels by William Gaddis, David Foster Wallace, Zadie Smith and Zia Haider Rahman that represent, formally reproduce and ultimately invite reflection upon the effects of globalization.

He is currently revising “Swallowing a World” for publication as a book.In this study, the accurate analysis of the mechanical heterogeneity of the brain tissue is performed using dynamic and pseudo-static indentation techniques.In addition, this research provides a detailed reference for modeling the nonlinear mechanical behavior of soft tissues in general, and the brain tissue in particular, while addressing important considerations for mechanical modeling.At LSU, he has served as an associate dean of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts Program and most recently, LSU’s Faculty Athletics Representative.He has won LSU’s Distinguished Faculty Award and the Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award, and has twice won the Tiger Athletics Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award.2019 Julia Bowes, The University of Hong Kong, “Invading the Home: Children, State Power, and the Gendered Origins of Modern Conservatism, 1865–1933” [dissertation completed at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, under the direction of Jennifer Mittelstadt and Ann Fabian] 2018 Alexandra J.Finley, Mississippi State University, “Blood Money: Sex, Family, and Finance in the Antebellum Slave Trade” [College of William & Mary dissertation, with advisers Scott Nelson (chair), Cindy Hahamovitch, Hannah Rosen, and Henry Louis Gates Jr.] 2017 Ava Purkiss, University of Michigan, "'Mind, Soul, Body, and Race': Black Women's Purposeful Exercise in the Age of Physical Culture, 1900–1939" [dissertation completed at the University of Texas, Austin (History) under the direction of Professors Tiffany Gill and Daina Ramey Berry] Honorable Mention: Jenna Healey, Yale University, "Sooner or Later: Age, Pregnancy, and the Reproductive Revolution in Late Twentieth-Century America" [dissertation completed at Yale University, directed by Professor Naomi Rogers] 2016 Susan Hanket Brandt, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, "Gifted Women and Skilled Practitioners: Gender and Healing Authority in the Delaware Valley, 1740–1830" (Temple University) 2015 Jessica Wilkerson, University of Mississippi, "Where Movements Meet: From the War on Poverty to Grassroots Feminism in the Appalachian South" (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Honorable Mention: Keisha N.His work has been funded almost continuously by the National Science Foundation over the last 30 years, as well as by other funding agencies, including the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research, the Risk Prediction Initiative of the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, NOAA and the National Geographic Society.Liu received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Paleoenvironmental Change from the American Association of Geographers in 2018, and was honored as a SLLW Visiting Fellow by the Chung Chi College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015.He has conducted research around the world, including the Amazon basin, the Andes, the Tibetan plateau, western China, the Yangtze River delta, subarctic Canada, Central America and the Caribbean region.He is recognized as a pioneer and leader in paleotempestology, a young field that studies past hurricane activity by means of geological proxy techniques.


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