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Since law school personal statements are made to be scrutinized by admissions committees, it’s only fair to study examples of what to avoid so that you can get a clearer picture of what you If an application lists essay page limits, word limits, margin limits, font limits, or even character limits, follow these guidelines unless otherwise directed by an admissions officer at the schools in question.And, when in doubt about an application rule, make a 3-minute phone call to the admissions office to confirm the requirement.

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If an idea does not come to mind immediately, then think about your strengths and weaknesses and all of the significant events and people in your life to see if a theme emerges.

To avoid creating a boring laundry list of activities and accomplishments, make sure your personal statement shows that you understand the meaning and impact of your experiences.

Don’t give reviewers an easy reason to downgrade your application. It is possible and, in fact, advisable to explain these types of problems (if you have them).

nominee one of the most well known bombs in admissions offices nationwide. However, unless otherwise directed by the application rules, it is advised that you not do so in the personal statement, but rather in a concise addendum to the application. One of the most important things that you will do in your personal statement is tell one or more concise stories that demonstrate critical aspects of who you really are and what makes you special.

You want your personal statement to get into the right pile by following the law school’s guidelines, by writing concisely, clearly, and correctly, and by sharing your unique, God-given gifts, talents, and experiences in an interesting and highly personal manner.

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But many reviewers are secretly rooting for you, hoping that you’ve written a good statement, an interesting statement, a statement that will leave them saying, “Wow, what a unique and impressive applicant!While there may be an admissions officer or two who are kind about overlooking a rule here or there, there are others – especially at the end of a long day after just having read dozens of awful essays – who will not be so forgiving.Also, don’t forget – you’re planning on becoming a lawyer, and it is expected that you will play by the rules.Whatever rules the law school provides for the personal statement should be followed to the letter.You don’t want to give a law school admissions committee member an easy reason for putting your personal statement in the reject pile by violating one of the law school’s guidelines.If the law school does not provide guidelines, limit your personal statement to two or two and one-half typed, double-spaced pages using one inch margins and a standard font size.In addition to using the personal statement to understand more about you and how you can add to the diversity of their next class, law schools are using the personal statement as evidence that you can write concisely and coherently.Avoid making the following errors on your personal statement: Don’t make philosophical comments about the value of law to a civilized society, or talk about your fascination with the law. Instead, personalize your statement with specific experiences and accomplishments about you. Remember, this is not an academic exercise or just a writing sample, but a personalization of your application. You should avoid anything that appears silly or weird. Don’t use your limited space to explain perceived weaknesses in your application.Humor has its place and a small amount of self-deprecation can be an effective tool in a statement, but there is a very fine line between humor and silliness. If you have something to explain, such as bad grades one semester or a disciplinary violation, type a separate addendum to your application, and keep your explanation short and simple. The personal statement should not be a list of your activities in narrative form.Your analysis does not have to be explicit and obvious.Ideally, your stories and how they are presented will lead the reader to draw inferences and come to the conclusion you want to make.


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